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"3 Things You Should NEVER Say to ATC"

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Featuring John Krug and Bob Adelizzi

John Krug and Bob Adelizzi have over 50 years combined experience with Air Traffic Control and are experienced pilots and flight instructors.

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Comments from fellow pilots about the Tip of the Week:

"...straight to the point"

...the tips are short and straight to the point. They serve as reminders of what I should know and have learned, but need to recall from time to time to remain proficient. Keep up the good work.

Joseph F.

"...a great idea."

Tips are a great idea.  I take them seriously.... If we all get a little better with each flight, eventually we will all arrive at the level of competence that is deserving of our fellow pilots.

George E.

"...could save a life"

Just happened to me on Monday, flying up from Florida...(in a Champ). I decided that a wall of thunderstorms and a convective sigmet were bigger than I.....
Turned around and spent a restful night in So Carolina. Thank you for sharing those tips...they could save a life!

Rob M.

"...invaluable information..."

Don't know how long you have had the site but I just found it....even though I'm a little further along in my "career" (first jet job right seat in a Hawker 800) I'm really enjoying this...lots of good stuff! 

...your site has some invaluable information, especially for budding and new flight instructors (I'm passing this along to a friend of mine who just completed his CFI this month!).   Thanks again.

David F.

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